El mago guerrero

Por James Mishler en Vaults of Pandius. Pendiente de traducir.

Here's a little sub-class I worked up for D&D, in the same vein as the Paladin, Knight and Avenger. It's the Warrior Mage, a fighter with some magic-using abilities (though they don't always work as planned). I also have the D&D Ranger (Neutral, with Druid spells), my own version of the Forester (basically a Lawful Warrior Mage with no armour restrictions, but dedicated to the service of Ilsundal and the Elves), and the Barbarian (a Fighter with some Thieving skills and a few new combat options). Hope this is of some use to those that use D&D...

Warrior Mage

Any travelling Fighter may become a Warrior Mage beginning at 9th level.

To become a Warrior Mage, a Fighter must make a pact with a Wizard (or Elven Warrior-Wizard, or Sidhe Warrior- or Rogue- Wizard) of at least 18th level. This pact will require that the Fighter serve his Master as a Knight, and the Warrior Mage gains all abilities, rights and responsibilities of a Knight in regards to the Wizard, the Wizard's allies and enemies, etc. (as outlined on page 18 of the Cyclopaedia under the entry for Knight); in return, the Wizard will take the Fighter on as an apprentice.

The following rules apply to Warrior Mages.

1) A Warrior Mage may read Magic-user scrolls as a name-level Thief. Thus, there is always a 10% chance that the spell will backfire, creating an unexpected result, as the Warrior Mage has an imperfect understanding of the nature of magic.

2) A Warrior Mage may use any magical items that are restricted to the use of Magic-users, though as with the casting of scrolls, above, there is a 10% chance that the magic item will malfunction in some manner.

3) If the Warrior Mage's Intelligence score is 13 or greater, the character can learn and cast Magic-user spells as if he were a Magic-user of one-third his actual experience level (round any fraction down); if a Fighter becomes a Warrior Mage right at 9th level, he will immediately gain the spellcasting abilities of a 3rd level Magic-user. Base study time to gain spellcasting abilities is 2 weeks per current level of the prospective Warrior Mage (thus, if a Fighter determines that he wishes to become a Warrior Mage at 15th level, the character must spend 30 weeks of game time learning the basics of magic use). If his Intelligence score is 12 or lower, the Fighter can still become a Warrior Mage, but cannot cast spells.

A Warrior Mage with an Elven or Sidhe Master will learn spells from the appropriate list (see GAZ 5, Elves of Alfheim and PC 1, Tall Tales of the Wee Folk). A Warrior Mage must maintain a Spellbook.

A Warrior Mage will learn spells from his Master according to the terms of their pact; a Warrior Mage may learn spells ONLY through training with their Master. He may not inscribe spells from scrolls into his Spellbook or research them on his own (though see #6, below). Some pacts may require that the Warrior Mage gift his Master with a magic item of appropriate power according to the level of spell to be learned, other pacts require monetary payment, and yet others may require quests or further oaths. A base value of 10,000 gp per magical spell level learned is the average, whether this is in coin or in kind. Time is also required to learn the spell; this is equal to 1 week per spell level. At the end of the period, the spell is inscribed in the Warrior Mage's Spellbook.

A Warrior Mage's spells have a 5% chance of failure or malfunction per spell level (1st level=5%, 2nd=10%, 3rd=15% and so on, up to 6th=30%). Results could be disastrous or merely humorous at the DM's whim. In any event, the memorised spell is lost.

4) A Warrior Mage may continue to wear armour and wield Fighter weapons. He may wear armour and cast spells, but at a cost. His chance of spell, scroll and magic-item failure (or malfunction) increases by 5% per point of protection that the armour provides (magic pluses excepted). Thus, Plate Mail provides an additional +30% chance of spell failure or malfunction, though a suit of leather armour +3 only provides a +10% chance. Thus, a Warrior Mage casting a memorised 3rd level spell and wearing chain mail would have a 35% chance of having his spell fail or malfunction.

5) Warrior Mage's are generally well-known as being apprenticed to their Wizardly mentors, at least among the magic-using community, and thus they are subject to any and all manner of attack and harassment based on the nature of their Master and his relationship with other Magic-users.

6) Beginning at 9th level of magical ability (27th level as a Fighter) a Warrior Mage may create magic items. Also at this level he no longer requires a Wizardly mentor/Master in order to rise in magical ability; he may research spells on his own (provided he has a library or other resources), though it requires twice as much time to inscribe a spell into his spellbook (2 weeks per spell level). Naturally, the relationship with the Master may continue as before, though if the Warrior Mage breaks the pact the Wizard will usually become a sworn enemy.

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